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Milk powder (26%) GOST P 52791-2007
  • Milk powder (26%) GOST P 52791-2007

Milk powder (26%) GOST P 52791-2007

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Country of manufacture:Belarus

Milk powder (26%) GOST P 52791-2007

- the product obtained from natural cow milk by condensing and drying it in special dryers. This well-known product is a soluble powder, which was dissolved in warm water. Ready beverage retains all the beneficial properties of natural milk. This product was first used in the early nineteenth century. The first industrial production of milk powder established in 1932 by the chemist M. Dirchov. The drink is produced by pasteurization and thickening of fresh cow's milk. It was then homogenized and spray-dried and roller dried at a temperature of 150-180 degrees Celsius. After drying the product was sieved and cooled. This product is more popular in the winter, in regions where fresh milk is available in a limited number.
Composition and calorie milk powder

Today produced whole milk, skim milk, and fast. They differ in the percentage of certain substances and applications. Whole and skim milk powder in the composition contain 4 and 5% moisture, 26 and 36% protein, 25% fat and 1, 37 and 52% lactose, 10 and 6% of mineral substances. Caloric dry whole milk is 549.3 kcal calorie fat-free milk powder - 373 kcal. 100 grams of milk have vitamin A - 0,003 mg, B1 - 0,046 mg, B2 - 2.1 mg, D - 0,57 micrograms, choline - 23.6 mg vitamin PP - 5 mg, Vitamin E - 3.2 mg , vitamin C, - 4 mg, vitamin B12 - 0.4 mcg vitamin B9 - 5 mkg. The composition of powdered milk include significant amounts of calcium (1,000 mg), sodium (400 mg), potassium (1200 mg) and phosphorus (780 mg). The small amount of milk contained magnesium, cobalt, molybdenum, selenium, manganese, and iron, iodine, sulfur and chlorine. This drink contains all twenty essential amino acids.

The use of milk powder

Quite often, the media discussed the replacement of natural milk producers dilute dry. What is the difference between milk from a fresh drink? By analytical comparison proved that the difference between whole milk and milk reconstituted from a dry powder minor. The benefits of milk powder says first of all that it is made from the same natural cow's milk. However, the nutritional value of natural cow's milk is higher due to the content of proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates. The cholesterol content is approximately the same in both the dry and natural milk. Vitamin B12 is contained in milk powder in large quantities, making it useful in cases of anemia. One hundred grams of the reconstituted milk powder satisfy the daily requirement for this vitamin.

Country of manufacture:Belarus
Type of milk:Cow
Fat percentage: 26 %
Information is up-to-date: 27.12.2018
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